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Denver, CO 80231
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Our Services in Denver


Pickup and Delivery

FREE Laundry Pick Up & Delivery Denver. Do you hate doing laundry? Let Coin-Op Laundry do it for you! We pick up your laundry from your doorstep through our extensive pick-up service and our branded company vehicles.We then wash your clothes with latest technology and high-quality detergents and softeners to clean all varieties with the utmost care. Once your laundry has been cleaned and folded, we make sure that your laundry gets back to you straight away!


Commercial Laundry

Coin-Op Laundry offers commercial laundry Denver! We have plenty of machines with industrial-sized load capacity washers and dryers—big enough to handle your laundering needs. Whether it's hotel laundry like towels, linens and sheets, restaurant linens, Airbnb linens, or work uniforms, 24Hrs Laundry can wash, dry and fold it all. We even offer FREE laundry pickup and delivery to businesses anywhere in Denver!

Wash _ Fold 2

Wash & Fold Laundry

We offer the highest quality wash and fold service in Denver for all kinds of clothes and fabrics. With Wash and Fold Denver, we ensure a thorough and hygienic washing for all of your clothes by using the best technology and newest washers and dryers. Stains and concentrated dirt is removed from your clothing with ease due to our collective 90 years of experience in the laundry industry. All of your Washed and dried clothes are properly folded and safely packaged for pick up.

Detergents _ Fabric Softeners

24 Hrs Self Service Laundromat

Coin-Op Laundry wants to make sure you have a great experience while doing laundry in Denver. Our spacious Aurora self serve laundry facility is filled with tons of washing machines guaranteed to be clean and working and an enormous selection of dryers in a variety of sizes. You can use separate small machines for whites, lights and darks, and use our giant machines for comforters, sleeping bags, pillows and all your larger items. All of our machines offer coin less laundry options as well as coin laundry.